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What design should I order?

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While some Homeowners Associations (HOA) do not have restrictions for signage on curbs, check with your HOA to comply with your covenants and restrictions before ordering.

A few key points to relay to your HOA for approval are:

• They look better than painted curb numbers
• They can be easily removed
• They do not damage the curb
• They are recyclable
• They can be seen on our website for HOA design approval

Can I install a Digital Curb Number if I am renting?

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Check with your landlord before ordering. However, since the Digital Curb Number can be easily removed and leave the curb clean and intact, it is ideal for rental properties!

Why are Collegiate and Professional Sports team logos not offered?

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Collegiate and Professional team logos are protected by trademarks.

While some curb number companies might get away with using them without licensing, one of our core values is integrity. Our desire is to follow the law and obtain proper licensing for those logos. As those licenses become approved, we will add them to our catalogue. Please continue to check back with us. In the meantime, we are constantly adding other aesthetically pleasing designs to our collection so our customers can add curb appeal to their home or business.


What is my Digital Curb Number made of?

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Digital Curb Number uses a special print for digital printers. Our media is designed specifically for use on concrete. When embedded with a rubber mallet, the material naturally conforms to rough, textured surfaces, giving the appearance of painted graphics. We use a best-in-class material that is durable, safe, highly visible and easy to use.

Is my Digital Curb Number reflective?

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The unpainted white surface of our Digital Curb Number has a reflective quality. The result is a curb number that is highly visible at night when lights shine near or at the graphic. If you are wanting a curb number with reflectivity, choose one that has white in the design.

How long will the number last and will it fade or rust over time?

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The material is rated to last up to 12 months. However, the longevity is dependent on proper application. Digital Curb Number inks are designed for long-term outdoor UV-fastness. Used under recommended conditions, the printed images on your Digital Curb Number should not fade significantly for a period of 24-36 months.

Doesn’t GPS make the curb number obsolete?

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No. GPS often announces that it is at a house when the vehicle is still many houses away, or even past the address. In addition, CAD (computer-aided dispatch) gives officers the two nearest cross streets and does not tell the officer whether the address is on the right or left side of the street. Having a visible house number on the curb can help visitors & first responders easily identify your home. Our goal is to make sure your visitors, delivery, and emergency services can easily see your house number!


Who applies my Digital Curb Number and how easy is it to apply?

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You do. No professional installation is required. Simply watch our instructional video or right-click, save, and print our instruction guide below for application instructions.

Can I put the number on top of my old painted number or do I need to clean the curb first?

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The cleaner your curb, the better the adhesion to the surface.

If your curb is not painted, we recommend removing debris with a wire brush and wiping off with a clean cloth.

For previously painted curbs, your Digital Curb Number will only be as strong as the paint is to the concrete. If the adhesion of the paint to the concrete is not optimal, there is a chance that paint will peel away from the concrete. Apply to already painted surfaces at your own risk.

When using a power washer to remove old paint, we recommend allowing to dry for 24 hours before applying the product. We have provided instructions and tips on cleaning your curb prior to application in our application video.

Can my Digital Curb Number be used on glass or high gloss finishes?

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We do not recommend appllication on glass or high-gloss finishes.

Digital Curb Number features a specially-formulated adhesive that is designed for a clean release on masonry surfaces, most of which are highly-textured. If your Digital Curb Number is placed on glass or masonry products with a very highly-polished surface (like polished marble), some adhesive can be left behind. We recommend testing your Digital Curb Number on the surface prior to a full installation.

Is my Digital Curb Number easy to remove?

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Yes. Just take a putty knife or blade to peel up a corner, then pull off at an angle less than 45 degrees. Digital Curb Numbers typically leave no residue. Graphics placed on asphalt or other rough surfaces in locations where heavy vehicle traffic is present could be difficult to remove and may require power washing at a low angle to remove worn-in graphics.

What climate conditions are required for application?

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Your Digital Curb Number should be applied at temperatures of 33 degrees F or above. Because concrete surfaces are often colder than the air temperature you must consider the temperature of the surface to which you are applying. For maximum initial adhesion, it is recommended to install in temperatures 50 degrees F or above.


Can I use a debit card?

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Yes. Debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo are accepted.

Do you accept PayPal, Checks, Money Order or COD?

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We accept PayPal. But we do not accept Checks, Money Orders or COD.


Do you ship Internationally?

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No. Sorry, we do not ship orders internationally. We ship only within the 50 States.

Can you ship to a PO Box?

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Yes. We can deliver to PO Boxes and even APO or FPO addresses.

Can I cancel my order?

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It depends. We can cancel orders on products that have not yet been processed. However, because our products are custom items, we cannot cancel an order that has already been processed.

What is your return policy?

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Because our product is custom made for each customer, our return policy is on a case-by-case basis. If you are unsatisfied with an order, please go to our Contact page and make your request.


Is there a warranty for my Digital Curb Number?

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Digital Curb Number exercises no control over individual installation. While technical information and advice on the use of the products are provided in good faith, you are responsible for applying the product correctly.

What is not covered?

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This warranty does not cover a product which has been damaged due to misuse, abuse, or accident such as:

• Being struck or damaged by an object, including being driven over or struck by a vehicle, such as a car, bicycle, golf cart, skateboard, etc.

• Being completely removed and re-applied either during installation or after curing; or

• Experiencing other contingencies beyond the control of Digital Curb Number.

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